Is solar worth the investment? You bet it is!

Generous rebates still available

Rebates Available

Generous rebates still availableThe Australian Government pays up to $3,458 towards the value of your system via Small Technology Certificates (STC’s). Some States receive additional rebates which can contribute even more!

Reduce future power price rises

Shield from price rise

Reduce future power price risesBy installing solar, you’ll reduce your reliance on the grid and the price rises that will come.

Get paid to export to the grid

Get Paid

Get paid to export to the gridYour retailer will pay you for the excess power you don’t use.

Great returns on investment

Great ROI

Great returns on investmentSolar is one of the best investments you can make, not only will it lower your electricity bills and increase property value but it can pay for itself within 3-5 years.

Solar has never been cheaper

Cheaper Solar

Solar has never been cheaperSolar system prices have never been cheaper and start from around $3,000!

System warranties last 25 years

System warranty

System warranties last 25 yearsSystems are now extremely durable – most panels have warranties of 25 years and inverters 10 years.

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2021 Solar Government Rebates Up To $3,458 Are Available!

Australia STC prices plummeting

The Australian Federal Government provides substantial rebates when you choose to install a solar PV system at your property. The rebate amount is based on the size of the system purchased and is deducted from the upfront cost of the solar system by your chosen solar provider.

In 2021 you can expect up to a $3,458 reduction for a 6.6kW system, a common size for Australian homes.

  • How much is the solar rebate worth today?

    • The current Small Technology Certificate (STC) rate is $36, which accumulates to $2,812 - $3,351 of rebates for a 5kW-6.6kW Solar PV System. Depending on the size of the Solar PV System the rebate will vary. Each year the STC rate is lowered meaning the rebate you receive could be reduced and eventually eliminated. Get in whilst rebate rates are high!
    • The rebates available for different system sizes in New South Wales are listed below.

      System size Number of panels (approx.) Value of rebate (STCs)
      1.5 kW 5 $814
      2 kW 7 $1,036
      3 kW 10 $1,517
      4 kW 13 $2,035
      5 kW 16 $2,553
      6 kW 20 $3,071
      6.6 kW 23 $3,351
      7 kW 23 $3,589
  • How does the solar rebate work?

    • Under the Australian Government’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), homeowners are entitled to a given number of STCs dependent on the system size, where the system is installed and which year the system is installed.
    • The scheme can be claimed on multiple properties. The rebate is claimed by the installer of your system and passed on as a point of sale discount.
    • STCs are a traded like shares and their worth fluctuates depending on the amount of installations occurring that year. More installs than expected and the worth depreciates. STCs are currently valued at around $36 but have been as low as $17, so now is definitely a good time to install.
  • How is the value of the solar rebate calculated?

    • The amount of STC’s you receive are affected by two main variables - Location & System Size.
    • Location - The Federal Government splits all of Australia’s postcodes into 4 categories: Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4. If you reside in Zone 1, you’ll receive a greater rebate than someone that lives in Zone 2, who will receive a bigger rebate than someone in Zone 3 and so on. Zones are determined by the number of sunlight hours you receive in the location you are having your Solar PV System installed.

      STC Zone
    • System Size - The other variable in determining the value of your rebate and amount of STC’s received, is the Solar PV System’s size. The larger the Solar PV System, the more power it will generate and the more STC’s and rebate amount you will be entitled to.
  • Will the solar rebate drop?

    • The number of STCs you’ll receive drops each year. The STC worth can rise and fall depending on demand in the market also.
    • The STC value is currently very high but at risk of dropping depending on market demand and Government policies. Now is the time to go solar!

Getting solar on your roof is a relatively straightforward process so don’t miss out on the benefits.

At Solar Market, we help you through the process by organising quotes from 3 Clean Energy Council accredited installers who service your area.

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These calculations assume:

  • Current default data is for New South Wales,
  • 50% exported to the grid,
  • 37c per kWh for electricity purchased from the grid,
  • You are in the capital city for your state - data will change slightly away from the capital,
  • STC price of $36.
  • This information does not constitute financial advice and is only intended as a guide. Please refer to the information provided by the companies quoting for information specific to your personal circumstances and location.

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